Bloom Box Essentials

Select which self-care book you prefer

Our stunning Bloom Box is a celebration of information that helps you and your special girl feel confident, prepared, and empowered to embrace the changes of puberty. Several pediatricians, child psychologists, health education specialists, moms and daughters contributed to creating this special experience and we're thrilled to share it with you! 

The essentials you need to elicit excitement and open conversations:

  • Luxe magnetic closure matte white keepsake box ready to be decorated so she can make it her own (11.5" x 10.5" x 4.5")
  • A surprise design on the interior of the box
  • Beautifully tied blue ribbon
  • Unique Cliff Notes style Caregiver's Guide for Navigating Puberty
  • "With Love" card, envelope, and wax seal for you to write her a heartfelt note
  • Your choice of the younger or older American Girl book for her to read, explore, and ask questions. See our FAQ page for additional information on the content contained in each of the books
  • The Reddrop In Real Life period pack including 2 regular pads, 1 overnight pad, 2 feminine wipes, a bathroom pass, period tracker and stickers
  • Black zipper bag to discretely carry her essentials so she is always prepared anywhere she goes
  • 1 organic tampon 
  • Travel tissue pack
  • Menstrual cramp relief heat patch
  • Adorable fuzzy cupcake socks 
  • Box decorating supplies: multi-color pack of permanent markers, sheet of gem stickers, alphabet stickers, positive affirmation stickers
  • Trendy butter slime that is perfect for stress relief
  • 2 LED Butterfly light stickers