Give beyond the moment

with an experience she’ll cherish forever

Bloom Box

Your time and relationships are precious. We’ve done the research and curated the most delightful celebration of information, so you can relax and enjoy the experience

Introducing The Bloom Box

Our Bloom box is designed for girls ages 8-14 entering or experiencing puberty. It’s the only research-backed period box that focuses FIRST on preparing YOU as the caregiver, to provide the best experience possible, because you’re both worth it!

It's All Here...

Give yourself the peace of mind that you’re providing everything she needs to feel confident, prepared and empowered to embrace the changes ahead.

Our informational guide was researched and written with experts and our products were intentionally sourced with care, so you can deliver an incredible experience with confidence!

The best gift parents can give themselves is the confidence they’re doing a great job, PERIOD!

Elegant Design

A beautifully crafted keepsake box she’ll love. Includes cute supplies to decorate the box, and all the self-care essentials she'll need that you can feel good about her using

Expert Guidance

A one of a kind quick-read Caregiver’s Guide to help you navigate conversations and questions so you can be an empathetic support system she knows she can trust and count on

Exciting Extras

Her eyes will light up, she'll smile from ear to ear, and most importantly, she'll feel really special when she explores the fun, cozy, and unique surprises that turn any awkwardness into “Awesome, thanks mom!”

What Others Are Saying
What Others Are Saying
I LOVE this! It prepares our daughters for the important changes, celebrates, and normalizes the experience!
— Joyce, pediatrician and mom of 11 yr old twins
What Others Are Saying
Amazing product for busy moms! Getting everything in one place was so helpful and it has been an incredible conversation starter for my 3rd grade daughter and me.
— Joy, mom of an 8 yr old girl
What Others Are Saying
The Bloom Box is stunning and something I will purchase as a gift for not only my own girls, but other girls in my extended family!
— Mary Claire, mom of 11 yr old girl