My husband Brian and I are high school sweethearts who have always wanted to own our own business. We followed our parents' advice, went to college and took traditional career paths in finance.


I worked hard for fourteen years in several different roles and company types that provided valuable experiences. Through a particularly challenging role as the head of finance and HR for a healthcare tech start-up, I realized I was on an emotional roller coaster that was testing my personal and professional strength. I spent a lot of time re-processing situations, performing self reflection, and taking mental notes on ways I would want to run my own business that were very different from what I was living. 


Throughout that experience, I started listening to a lot of valuable audio books that lit a burning desire to just go create something special (there will need to be a whole separate post about the impact that The 5am Club by Robin Sharma had on me). I spent at least 15 minutes every day thinking of ideas for my own business because I just knew I had to serve someone with something I was passionate about, while living my values.


On a random day in April 2022, I jotted down the idea for a fully compostable diaper company to help reduce waste and improve sustainability. Over the next few weeks, my research led to finding compostable period pads and further, to stumbling on a first period kit created by a young girl and her father. This struck me hard because my 10 year old daughter was just wrapping up her 5th grade year, and would soon be leaving the comfort of elementary school for a whole new world, Middle School. I was excited for her, but also felt a sense of dread and sadness that she was growing up. I tried to order one of those period kits and when I realized they were no longer being produced, I researched and purchased every other one I could find. I enjoyed looking through the self-care items, but felt like several key things were missing to really make it the experience I longed to provide.


So many books out there are designed for girls to read through and ask questions, but I selfishly wanted a cliff notes version of something to prepare myself first, so I could give her a better experience than I had at this milestone in my life. I wanted my guidance to be honest, informed, and most importantly, build her confidence in me as a trusted resource. When I couldn't find something concise that contained the content I needed to give myself peace of mind about covering relevant, age appropriate topics to help prepare us both for the changes ahead, I buried myself deeper in the research. I consulted pediatricians, child psychologists, adolescent health experts, sexual health educators, middle school health teachers, and moms of older girls, so I could compile their expertise into the guide for navigating puberty that I needed.


Realizing there was room for major improvements in all of the period kits that lay strewn across my bedroom floor, I started designing my own, with the intention of creating a celebration of information rather than something taboo to be concealed. My vision was for caregivers to first prepare themselves with confidence that they could then pass along to their girls through warm and inviting conversation, deepening trust, and bringing them even closer together.


I firmly believe that all women deserve to know and embrace the benefits of being a woman, and that while the road may be challenging at times, there is a support network they can count on - including you, our community of thoughtful givers. That's why we began our mission to support women through life's milestones with the youngest of women. We look forward to building our community and brand with you to support women together, through all of the milestones on their journey!

January 30, 2023 — Katherine Sullivan

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